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El Paso Water is involved in many activities to increase public awareness about its water resources. As an Informal Science Provider the Water Conservation Education Department strives to increase water consciousness throughout the community and area schools. The El Paso area faces unique water challenges and it is our obligation to deliver this information throughout the area to help others understand how crucial it is to work collectively as a region to address the critical water issues. Our intent is to deliver the information in a meaningful and understanding way for all age groups.

Science Fair Projects

Learn how to plan your next science fair project with some helpful tips from the following Science Fair Booklet. Download and learn how you can create a winning project and at the same time learn cool science stuff.

Science Fair Booklet (English)
Science Fair Booklet (Spanish)

WET (Water Education for Teachers) is a non-profit water education program and publisher for educators and young people ages 5-18.

The CDEC collaborates efforts among public educators and the public in support of programs that enhance conservation and education of the Chihuahuan Desert.

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