Willie the Waterdrop

Mascot Willie El Paso Water and the TecH2O Center are pleased to make our beloved mascot – Willie the Waterdrop – available for large gatherings that serve as a platform to help spread the word on the value of water and the importance of conservation.  Appearances are subject to staff and/or volunteer availability.

If you would like more information on a special appearance by Willie, please contact us at (915) 621-2000 or by email at tech2o@epwater.org. If you are interested in having Willie participate in your event, please review the guidelines.

Willie’s History

When Willie the water drop was introduced by El Paso Water Utilities in 1991, he was named “Willie the Water Waster,” sharing lessons of what NOT to do. Eventually, good triumphed over evil, and he was converted to “Willie the Waterdrop.” The tens of thousands of kids who have met Willie in their classrooms or come to see him at our TecH2O Learning Center, have learned powerful lessons about conserving water.

Yesterday’s kids are now today’s adults, and those lessons learned long ago have become part of the culture in our desert city.  We’ve installed water-efficient fixtures and appliances.  We turn off the water when we brush teeth.  We’ve adopted water-smart landscaping.  And we’ve significantly cut our water consumption.   

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